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Sign up for Team Works and see for yourself what everyone is talking about! March 26, 2011

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A new round of Team Works is kicking off a week from today! 

Now is your chance to sign up for a team like Happy Hour Helpers, Helping Hands or Lovin’ Servin’ Seattle and get in on the action. Here are some of the things that our project hosts have said about Team Works teams:

  • “This is Kat from Missing Pet Partnership. The work party you sent to help us last weekend was completely awesome! We accomplished so much work that it nearly made me cry!”
  • “Please let your volunteers know how much we appreciate their enthusiasm and hard work.   I was amazed at how much got done.  It was great to be able to take the harvest over to the food bank.  Fresh local greens are rare in winter!  I appreciated how flexible everyone was about changing tasks and doing the seeds.  That was also a big help.  For me it is such a pleasure to see a group of young people getting together and having fun while doing something meaningful. ” – Aviva from Community Harvest of SW Seattle
  • “Thanks Seattle Works volunteers for helping out on Feb 22nd!  Your contribution to Justice Works! is invaluable.  I appreciate your helping hands and your smiling faces.  Your work at the Thrift Store helps to keep our organization up and running.  Thanks again!”
  • “The Team Works team was great!  Our program staff was wowed by the group’s enthusiasm and hard work, and we are ever so grateful to have a bright, happy, clean space now to prepare wholesome and nutritious meals for our kids.  I guess the theme of the group was people who are new to the area, so it was a great opportunity for us to welcome them to Seattle and introduce them to the many programs and activities we offer.  Actually, we always really love working with your teams, so thanks for sending them our way!” – Phinney Neighborhood Association
Pretty amazing. Join a team and they could be bragging about you! 

Welcome to our ‘hood community partners! March 4, 2011

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This week we opened up “our house” to all of our community partners  as a way to introduce them to new staff members, share our programming options with them and most importantly to convey our main goal: for our volunteers to get involved with their organizations!  Partners we’ve known for years and years, brand new people that we haven’t worked with yet and everyone in between came to share the morning with us.

We asked our partners to tell us how they use Seattle Works volunteers, how they would like to use them, their favorite ways for inspiring volunteering and more specifically what appeals to people in their 20s and 30s.


Sampling of feedback we heard:

  • Partners notice that our generation likes to work together and see the impact and difference that we make.
  • Direct contact with people benefitting from the volunteers’ work, providing the big picture of how the volunteer project fits with the larger community issues helps to inspire more volunteering!
  • An amazing trait of the nonprofit sector is the energy and willingness to collaborate with each other! Our community partners were eager not only to learn from us, but to learn from each other and share what they’re doing in order to move forward together and better serve our community.

Do you know of a nonprofit organization in the are that could benefit from working with Seattle Works volunteers? 

Tell Randi ( and if we aren’t working with them yet, maybe we can be soon!


Painting the town February 28, 2011

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Last Friday we had ourselves some team fun!  We try to all get together in the same place for some fun once a month, but the last few months we’ve run into some scheduling trouble. 

Randi was in charge of this month’s fun and we headed to Paint the Town in U Village to put our creativity and artistic skills to the test.

Tegan was very focused on her sweet mug:

Tara making a lovely votive holder that matches her upstairs bathroom. 

Kathleen, Jan and Randi. Between them they painted two butter dishes and a precious dog dish for Jan’s new puppy.

The team and their pre-fired pieces.

We definitely made up for lost time!


Volunteers make the tournament a slammin’ success! February 2, 2011

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“…I could go on and on about how fantastic Seattle Works volunteers are – self-motivated, hardworking, conscientious, eager, etc., etc. I have volunteered and managed volunteers for more years than I care to count, and the caliber of volunteer we have had the good fortune to have referred from Seattle Works is unparalleled in my experience.

It is pure joy for me to work with your volunteers.

© Tony Blazejack/Vecta Photo
Thank you very much for facilitating the two shifts of volunteers to support the quad rugby tournament yesterday. Dagmar and Rebecca were amazing coordinators for their teams and I thoroughly enjoyed working with them. Each and every volunteer for both shifts – without exception – did an excellent job. Some chose to take on tasks which challenged them, were avid and focused learners, and enthusiastically and accurately completed their jobs – particularly noteworthy in this arena were the table officials: especially the 40-second clock operators David and Derek (morning) and Eric (afternoon) – this is the most difficult job in the tournament, and the timekeepers: Dagmar and Austin (morning) and Kimberly (afternoon) who stopped and started the clock with precision and kept the scoreboard updated.

Courtney and Megan (morning) and Emma and Casey (afternoon) bravely agreed to keep the official score sheet for the games and all the score sheets were 100% perfect!

Renee, Erin (morning) and Derry kept track of penalties incurred by the players – and Derry really had her hands full in the last game with several players committing fouls!

The referees were very impressed with how well the table officials performed – and the players really appreciated their commitment, focus and accuracy! I didn’t hear one complaint – not even a grumble – from a single player about the table! I heard several players coming up to the table after each game to thank the volunteers – I hope they were able to hear those thank yous as they finished their tasks.

John, Stacey (morning), Josh and Nick (afternoon) were excellent videographers, taping the games so the players and coaches can analyze them – over and over! – later. This was most helpful for the Slam – our coach, Brad Mikkelson, lives in Colorado and really needs to see the tape from this tournament so he’ll know how to fine-tune practices before Sectionals.

Note: Nick also helped out at the officials’ table, and offered to stay after his shift to help clean-up. We had another group coming in just to do clean up, but his willingness to pitch in beyond his shift was much appreciated.

The floating volunteers – who took turns helping athletes get snacks, beverages and lunch; keeping the food table stocked and looking nice; and staffing the display/merchandise table – were cheerful, helpful, inventive, and fabulous! Quyen, Kim and Beth (morning) and Rebecca, Nicole and David (afternoon) really supported the athletes, support staff, and fans.

The tournament was a huge success because of the Seattle Works volunteers and the commitment they brought to their participation yesterday.

© Tony Blazejack/Vecta Photo

Thank you on behalf of the Seattle Slam, Portland Pounders, Team BC, and all of the support staff and fans!”

-Wimsey, Team Manager and Tournament Director


Follow the Leader. Become the Leader. January 22, 2011

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In honor of Martin Luther King Jr., last Monday was a day of service and we sent three teams of volunteers out to the Rainier Valley Food Bank, Multifaith Works and MEOW Cat Rescue.

Rainier Valley Food Bank is going through some very exciting transitions and we were able to meet them for the first time at this project. We hope it will be the beginning of a great partnership! We had volunteers scrubbing, mopping, stocking shelves, cleaning doors, painting doors, reorganizing the entire warehouse, arranging the shelves to be more useable, painting donation barrels, spraying food crates, and going through food to keep or compost. We made it a brighter, warmer place for people to feel like they are entering a respectable and welcoming facility to get food for their families.


Kelly, a very dedicated Seattle Works volunteer was at this project and as we were reorganizing the warehouse, moving boxes of food together all of a sudden, Kelly came across a Northwest Harvest box that said “Beans 25.” She said “Oh my gosh, I packaged this box at Northwest Harvest…I remember when they asked us to write ‘Beans 25’ on the side of the box.” She was able to see her work at another site come full-circle and help out at a place that needed the food.

Cue the goosebumps.


What can you do in two hours? January 12, 2011

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Produce about 10,000 pounds of dry beans to supply about 2,857 family services? 

How about completing about 9,900 pounds of variety food boxes for food banks which will provide about 2,828 family services?

Didn’t think so much could be done in such a short time?  The hardworking Team Works team, Sleepless in Seattle did that and more during their December project at Northwest Harvest.  We know our volunteers are impressive, but wowza those are some big numbers.



Special shout out to our partners over at Northwest Harvest that always do a great job working with our volunteer teams, not to mention all the incredible work they are doing throughout Washington State to eliminate hunger.


The A Team Brings Their A Game January 11, 2011

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The A Team saves the world once again. No, I’m not talking about Mr. T, though maybe someone on their team could grow a Mohawk.  The A Team is a well-seasoned Team Works team who have been volunteering together for at least six rounds of Team Works. That’s a total of 24 Saturdays they’ve spent together and they still continue to learn and spread the word about great organizations in our community. Recently the team went to the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library and came back with glowing comments about the organization.

For someone who is blind or unable to read standard print media, it means a life without being able to read books, magazines, newspapers, even the computer screen. But the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library makes it possible for people of Washington State to access all of this material by serving the entire state and processing 10,000 talking books a week!

They don’t stop there! They also have a radio show on which they read the entire newspaper on air every day. According to Laura, the Team Captain of The A Team, “they are an exemplary social service organization” and while they were volunteering there, “[they] felt like the work was really important.”

And a shout out to all Seattle Works volunteers: the coordinator at the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library expressed that the volunteers from Seattle Works are essentially worth about 18 full-time employees.

Nice work!

**Photos taken by A Team member Jesse Stanley (